Category: City/County

Naperville Police Department, Illinois

Job Description The City of Naperville’s Police Department seeks a Digital Evidence Technician to maintain and process digital media for the Police Department and manage the complete suite of video media systems. The position is responsible for managing system security,

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Maricopa County Attorney’s Office – Arizona

ABOUT THE POSITION:This Detective is responsible for Maricopa County Attorney’s Office investigator activities.Position QualificationsWe recognize your time is valuable, so please apply if you meet the following required qualifications: Education: High school diploma or GED Experience: Five (5) years of fulltime

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Baltimore County, Maryland

Pay Schedule I, Grade 29, Regular Schedule:  35 hours per week A vacancy exists in the Police Department, Bureau of Administrative and Technical Services. A list of eligible applicants will be established based on the examination as outlined below. Current and future

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