Tarrant County District Attorney’s Office – Fort Worth, Texas

Criminal Investigator


Provides investigative support to the criminal and civil staff attorneys of the Criminal District Attorney’s Office.  Assignments may include the investigation of any crime or incident prosecutable under criminal or civil law.Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Conducts in-depth criminal investigations of crimes prosecutable under the laws of the State of Texas.
  2. Assists attorneys in case preparation from inception through appeal while maintaining attorney/client confidentiality and operating within the laws and rules applicable to criminal and civil practice.
  3. Works collaboratively with local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in the preparation and prosecution of criminal and civil cases.
  4. Secures, reviews and analyzes various types of financial and business related records in order to establish criminal schemes and trace stolen funds, especially if designated a financial investigator.
  5. Successfully manages an investigative caseload consisting of complex financial investigations, especially if designated a financial investigator.
  6. Conducts examinations of computers and other digital media using various software programs and tools along with training and experience to secure, recover, analyze, and interpret digital evidence, especially if designated a forensic investigator.
  7. Acts as a liaison with law enforcement agencies, businesses and financial institutions.
  8. Performs research in public records including title research in condemnation cases and researches other government documents.
  9. Locates and interviews witnesses, secures witness statements and serves subpoenas.
  10. Secures intelligence data and conducts extensive background investigations.
  11. Performs surveillance and works in an undercover capacity to investigate felony offenses, especially if designated a narcotics investigator.
  12. Conducts surveillance of persons claiming injury and of businesses claiming to be harmed by condemnation proceedings and conducts investigations.
  13. Prepares and executes search warrants, arrest warrants and court orders associated with the investigation of criminal and civil actions.
  14. Works directly with attorneys in preparing cases for trial including the evaluation of cases for completeness, identifying needed follow-up, securing evidence and establishing proper chain of custody.
  15. Transports trial witnesses as necessary, conducts onsite examinations of crime scenes and assists with the preparation of trial exhibits.
  16. Secures, examines, and evaluates evidentiary records for suspected violations of state and federal laws.
  17. Investigates the truth of disputes and assesses risk and advisability of settlement versus contest.  Verifies or disproves existence and severity of injuries in tort claims, business and other cases.
  18. Perform other job-related duties within the Investigative Division as assigned.

Minimum Requirements

Associate’s Degree from an accredited institution.  Five (5) years or more of direct law enforcement investigative experience required.  Degree requirement may be waived based upon years of experience. Basic Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) peace officer certification required.  Current Advanced or Master level certification from TCOLE preferred.  If employed as a forensic investigator, should be certified by an agency, such as the International Association of Computer Investigative Specialists (CFCE), or by specific software vendors who make the primary tools used by the investigator, such as Guidance Software’s Encase.  Good verbal and written communication and ability to work efficiently and effectively in high-pressure situations.  Possesses analytical ability, is diplomatic and tactful, and uses good judgment and common sense.  Possesses proficient verbal and written skills to communicate information to attorneys, police agencies, witnesses and citizens.  Carry a firearm with legal authority and have knowledge of circumstances that would apply to its proper use.  Investigator is responsible for working in a cooperative manner with attorneys and support staff.  Investigator must be computer literate.

 Physical Demands and Work Environment & Other Requirements

While performing the duties of this position, the incumbent is regularly required to bend, carry, climb, climb ladders, climb stairs, grasp/squeeze, hear, tolerate hot and cold inside temperatures, keyboard, kneel, lift below the waist, lift between waist and shoulder, lift overhead, lift to the side/twist, tolerate noise, tolerate hot and cold outside temperatures, pull, push, reach, reach overhead, perform repetitive tasks, negotiate rough or uneven surfaces, run, see color, see far and near, sit, negotiate slippery surfaces, squat, stand, stoop, talk, twist, use his/her hands, drive a vehicle, walk, walk on an incline, work alone and with others, and work overtime.