Virginia State Police – Chesterfield, VA

Digital Forensic Examiner

Closes: 03/23/2020

Job Description

The Virginia Department of State Police is seeking qualified applicants for a Digital Forensic Examiner position in the Bureau of Criminal Investigation, High Tech Crimes Division located in North Chesterfield, Virginia. This is a Non-exempt position; therefore, this position is subject to the provisions of the Fair Labor Standards Act.


• Conducts computer and digital examiner/forensic analysis to aid in law enforcement investigations and to assist the Agency’s Professional Standards Unit.
• Instructs law enforcement officers in proper digital forensic techniques and evidence handling.
• Maintains equipment, researches technology and legal issues, and remains current on job-specific procedures, laws and regulations. Obtains and maintains required digital examiner/forensic certifications.
• Performs administrative functions.
• Prepares evidence for court hearings, provides depositions, and provides expert testimony.
• Purchasing goals.

Minimum Qualifications


• Considerable knowledge on constructing and dissembling computers; of Windows operating systems, servers, smart phones and other digital devices for purposes of extracting, examining and analyzing computer hardware, software, electronically stored data, and other computer -related evidentiary materials to assist with investigation and prosecution of criminal cases.
• Working knowledge of computer operating systems other than Windows, e.g., Linux and Unix; programming; of the methods and techniques of conducting criminal investigations; and of the judicial system.
• Skill in using multiple versions of Windows operating systems; in assembling and disassembling computers and other digital devices; in troubleshooting basic hardware and software problems; and in examining desktop, laptop, tablets, computer hardware and mobile devices to include game systems, e.g., Play Station and Xbox.
• Demonstrated ability to use forensic software applications and hardware to analyze electronically stored data; to identify, document and analyze evidence discovered during investigations; to preserve the evidentiary chain of custody; to organize, present and document findings in a concise, organized, and understandable framework, and within established guidelines; and to testify in court, providing expert testimony, in support of evidence discovery, handling and findings.
• Graduation from college or university with major courses in computer science or related field or a combination of training and experience related to the duties and responsibilities of the position.
• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related field; programming, computer and digital forensic examiner certifications such as A+, Net+, Certified Computer Forensic Examiner (CFCE), and Cellebrite are strongly preferred.


Elements of the selection process for this position will also include the screening of applications; interviewing of qualified candidates; and salary negotiations. The pre-employment process can take approximately 1-3 months to complete. The anticipated duration of this process is determined by the successful completion of the above items.

Applicants must live in states east of the Mississippi River. Military applicants must live in or home of record must be in one of the states east of the Mississippi River.