Ohio ICAC Task Force – Cleveland, OH

Special Investigator


High School diploma or GED supplemented with vocational coursework or technical training in law enforcement or criminology or a related field and two (2) years previous experience in law enforcement and performing investigations. Current State of Ohio Driver’s License. Must be presently commissioned as a Law Enforcement Officer or recently retired and able to become recertified through OPOTA.

A thorough background check will be made prior to offering the position which may include the following: review of personnel file(s), interviews with listed references, and a polygraph examination.


The purpose of this classification is to conduct both proactive and reactive investigations of Internet-facilitated crimes against children, and to promote Internet safety through active participation in community outreach events.


  • Performs forensic examination of digital media, conducts online chat investigations, monitors online personal ads and peer to peer file sharing networks; coordinates and executes search warrants and photographs search warrant scenes; investigates Cybertips;
  • Serves subpoenas;
  • May assist in arrests;
  • Locates victims and witnesses and takes statements; conducts interviews of suspects, witnesses, victims, and inmates;
  • Gathers and preserves evidence for forensic examination;
  • Provides investigative and technical assistance to law enforcement agencies;
  • Testifies in court regarding suppression hearings, motions, trials and sentencing;
  • Prepares investigative reports and other paperwork necessary for criminal charges;
  • Assist Prosecutors in completing case files;
  • Communicates with a variety of members of the public, family members, outside and County agencies, witnesses, suspects, law enforcement agencies, attorneys, advocate groups, and other investigators;
  • Gives public education presentations;
  • Attends and participates in group meetings and trainings; and
  • Performs all other duties assigned, delegated or required of the Special Investigator as well as those prescribed by law.


  • Ability to perform on-site investigations using evidence supplies and exertion of a moderate amount of physical effort to stoop, crouch, climb and lift in performance of assigned duties; uses audio and video equipment and cameras.
  • Ability to perform basic level of data analysis including the ability to review, classify, categorize, prioritize and/or reference data, statutes and/or guidelines and/or group, rank, investigate and problem solve;
  • Ability to comprehend a variety of informational documents including case files, subpoenas, peer to peer downloads, forensic reports, cybertips/complaints, investigative and other reports, written statements and interviews, and emails;
  • Ability to prepare emails, investigative reports, expense reports, subpoenas, search warrants, diagrams, vehicle mileage reports, and other job-related documents using prescribed format and conforming to all rules of punctuation, grammar, diction and style;
  • Ability to use and interpret basic medical, legal, counseling, and financial terminology;
  • Ability to communicate and to develop and maintain effective working relationships with staff, family members, witnesses, victims, suspects, attorneys, law enforcement personnel, co-workers, the public, supervisor and co-workers;
  • Must possess qualities of fairness, a strong work ethic, have the highest integrity; and must also maintain the confidentiality of law enforcement and investigatory records and other confidential information;
  • Must be able to conduct business in accordance with federal statutes and guidelines, the Ohio Revised Code, and the Ohio Administrative Code.