INTERNSHIP – Central Intelligence Agency – Washington, DC

Digital Forensics Engineer

As a Digital Forensics Engineer Undergraduate Intern for the CIA, you will work side-by-side with other Digital Forensics Engineers. Experiences can range from analyzing data from an ongoing sophisticated cyber-attack, to providing time-critical information to policy makers on threat mitigations for the newest zero day, or researching and understanding new file formats, mobile devices, and storage devices.

Digital Forensics Engineer Interns assist with scientific research, collection, processing, analyzing and presenting findings in support of data recovery, and assessing and identifying malicious behaviors within digital datasets. This requires a fundamental understanding of technology at its lowest levels. You will be exposed to maintaining the integrity and objectivity of the forensic process, exhibiting innovation, and creativity in problem solving strategies. You may also write scripts/code to help develop new information recovery techniques and threat identification methods.

Interns generally are required to work either a combination of one semester and one summer internship or two 90-day summer internships. Co-Op Students work on an alternating semester or quarterly basis and are expected to spend a minimum of three semesters or four quarters (this can include a summer tour) on the job prior to graduation.


The Directorate of Digital Innovation (DDI) is at the forefront of defining the future of digital expertise within the CIA. DDI focuses on developing the workforce with cutting-edge skills, investing in IT infrastructure, and modernizing the way the Agency does business. DDI officers help accelerate the integration of innovative methods and tools to enhance the CIA’s cyber and digital capabilities on a global scale and ultimately help safeguard our nation. Learn more about the Directorate of Digital Innovation.