Montana Department of Justice – Helena, MT

Computer Forensics Examiner

Division Overview:

The Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) coordinates investigations and conducts criminal investigations with federal, state and local public safety agencies.  Its services include criminal investigations; social security fraud investigations; narcotics and fire investigations; fire safety inspections; and law enforcement training.  The Crime Information Bureau consists of four sections: Criminal Justice Information Network (CJIN), Criminal Records and Identification Services Section (CRISS), Sexual or Violent Offender Registry (SVOR), Computer and Internet Crime Unit (CICU).

The Computer and Internet Crime Unit provides criminal investigative assistance to city, county, state and federal law enforcement agencies around Montana and other states.  The unit conducts forensic analysis on computers and digital evidence.  The unit also investigates internet crimes against children, labor/sex trafficking investigations and cybercrime investigations. Job Overview

This position is for a Computer Forensic Examiner for the Department of Justice (DOJ)/Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI)/Crime Information Bureau/ Computer and Internet Crimes Unit.  The position is responsible for investigating all crimes in accordance with DCI jurisdiction, where computers and electronic devices are the vehicle for the commission of criminal acts, sources of evidence, or the object of attack.  Serve as a member on the Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force.  Work with other law enforcement agencies to share equipment, training, and expertise in investigations.  

Conduct forensic data recovery and analysis of all computer systems and electronic devices seized by DCI and any other law enforcement agency within the state requesting technical or investigative services.  Provide technological support to investigative sections within the state including the search, seizure, evidence preservation, forensic recovery of data from crime scenes, and systems used in crimes. Provide expert testimony in these areas.

Cooperate with computer forensics associations and monitor computer bulletin board systems and listservs to provide information, education, and training to law enforcement and to the public.

Conduct forensic analysis on electronic devices for crimes that include the possession, distribution and manufacture of child pornography, credit card and telephone fraud, copyright violations, gambling operations, money laundering, and narcotics trafficking. Investigate computer manipulation crimes, which involve changing data or creating data in a computer system to advance another crime; embezzlements carried out as the result of the creation of false accounts or modifications of existing data to embezzle; and unauthorized access or hacking into a computer system.


Minimum Qualifications:

Bachelor’s degree in Public Administration, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Psychology, or closely related with coursework in criminal justice field from an accredited college or university. AND/OR

Five (5) years of investigative experience with a minimum of two (2) years as a full-time investigator handling a variety of felony investigations comparable to those a state agent is expected to handle. 

Firearms’ training is mandated for peace officer requirements and liability.

Current POST Law Enforcement Basic Certificate (or equivalent from another state) required.

Must have a valid driver’s license and meet the qualifications to operate a department vehicle or personal vehicle for department business, required by state and department policies.

Other combinations of education and experience will be considered on a case by case basis.

A training assignment will be considered for this position. If you do not meet the five year experience qualification but still have over two years law enforcement experience, you are encouraged to apply. Preferred Qualifications:

Basic understanding of smart phone forensics and the tools used to examine such devices.

Experience in forensically processing smart phones with a Cellebrite UFED device.

Experience with one of the major forensic software suites, with a preference for X-Ways Forensics.

Certification in computer forensics by IACIS or a similarly recognized certifying body.

The specified experience includes forensically processing windows-based computers as well as a variety of removable media, such as thumb drives, optical discs, iPods. 

The agency may consider an applicant who is enrolled in a certification program or has met the minimum training or educational requirements to proceed to the required certification. Special Requirements: 

  • View child explicit material.
  • Complete extensive training and certification related to computer forensic examinations.

Special Instructions: 

Cover letter must explain why you are the most qualified candidate for the position.

The selection procedures to be used in evaluating the applicant’s qualification may include, but are not limited to an evaluation of the résumé and cover letter, a structured interview, performance test, academic transcripts, reference/background checks and fingerprint checks.

Additional materials, references or information submitted by the applicant, but not requested, will not be considered.

Successful applicant(s) will be subject to:
Criminal History Fingerprint Check

  • Full Intensive Background Investigation
  • Driving History
  • Psychological and Physical Examination
  • Drug Testing