Bakersfield Police Department – Bakersfield, California

Police Computer Forensic Examiner


Under general supervision, processes, examines and analyzes computer hardware, software, cellular phones, digital media, electronically stored data and other computer-related evidentiary materials pertaining to law enforcement investigations.  Prepares and presents reports of findings, provides expert testimony, and performs other work as required.

 Representative Duties

The following typical tasks and responsibilities are representative of all positions in the class.  They are descriptive, not limiting.  Essential Duties:  Conducts thorough examinations of computer hard disk drives, floppy disks, and other electronic data storage media; Preserves and copies the original media; Prevents the transference of viruses, destructive programs, and inadvertent writes to and from the original media; Restores recoverable deleted files; Accesses password-protected and secured files; Uses forensic software applications to analyze electronic media; Physically disassembles and examines computers and related hardware components; Identifies evidence of computer crimes such as the theft and sabotage of data and unlawful access of data and systems; Examines and analyzes text, graphics, multimedia, and digital images; Collects, labels, secures and transports evidence from crime scenes; Form and articulate expert opinions based on analysis, provide expert testimony in depositions, trials and other proceedings; Works with others to prepare cases for trial; Assists in preparation of search and seizure warrants, court orders, and subpoenas; Assists with training and instructing other employees; Performs other work as required.Minimum Qualifications

Applications will be accepted only from those applicants who clearly demonstrate on the COMPLETED Application, Supplemental Questionnaire and Resume that they meet the below requirements:

  • Associate of Arts/Science Degree from an accredited college in Computer Science, Information Technology, Criminal Justice or a related field; AND
  • Two (2) years of experience in computer forensics, computer systems analysis, and/or the operation, maintenance and repair of computer systems; OR
  • Equivalent combination of training and experience, which provides the capabilities to perform the described duties.

Licenses, Certificates or Special Requirements:

  • Possession of a valid California driver’s license.
  • Possession of Encase Computer Forensics I and II Certification is desirable.
  • Must successfully pass a police background check.

OTHER MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:  Knowledge of:  Computer system hardware, software installation and troubleshooting; Principles and practices of electronic data storage, data encryption, and computer system security; Methods and techniques used to access, recover, review, validate, and preserve electronically stored data files; Principles and practices of computer programming; Organization and operation of law enforcement agencies.  Ability to: Examine and analyze computer hardware, software, and electronically stored data pertaining to law enforcement investigations; Identify, analyze and document evidence of computer crimes; Collect, transport, process, and secure evidentiary materials; Restore deleted files and access secured data; Find and extract electronically stored information to be used as evidence; Prepare and present reports of findings; Train and instruct others in computer crimes analysis; Prepare and maintain accurate records and files; Testify in court; Effectively communicate verbally and in writing; Exercise sound judgment in safeguarding/disseminating confidential or sensitive information; Work independently, manage workload and meet specific deadlines; Operate an office computer and a variety of word processing and software applications related to work; Establish and maintain cooperative working relationships within the department, other agencies and general public.  Skill in: The installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of computer systems and associated hardware devices.  Physical Conditions and Special Working Conditions: Must be able to work nights, weekends, holidays, call-outs, standbys and outdoors in all weather conditions.Examination (Weighted: 100%)

The method of examination may include on or more of the following: written exam; oral exam; evaluation of education, training, experience or other qualifications as shown by the application; or by other information submitted, or by the record; questionnaires submitted to references; or any other appropriate measure of fitness. A minimum passing score of 70% is required.   **NOTE:  Admission to the Examination may be limited to those applicants who clearly demonstrate the best combination of qualifications. Applicants possessing the minimum qualifications are not guaranteed admittance to the Examination. Employment application must be properly completed in accordance with instructions on face of application form. All pertinent information needed to determine that the applicant meets the minimum qualifications must be shown on the application, resume, and supplemental questionnaire; otherwise, the application may be rejected. Resumes will not be accepted in lieu of a completed application.  
BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION: (Pass/Fail) Prior to appointment, applicants must successfully complete an investigation of their personal history and background to determine suitability for the position of Police Computer Forensic Examiner with the Bakersfield Police Department. Applicants who fail the background investigation process will be notified by the Human Resources Division.