Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center – Columbus, OH

Forensic Computer Specialist 2

Job Duties

Ohio Department of Public Safety – Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center
Report in location: 1970 West Broad Street, Columbus, Ohio 43223
Under general supervision of the Public Safety Intelligence Manager (PSIM) within the Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center (ONIC), independently develop & utilize specialized tools (e.g., forensic computer system, evidence acquisition devices {e.g., “boot” disc}, computer peripherals, software) to collect, preserve, forensically examine & investigate, &/or gather evidence for drug related offenses occurring on, but not limited to the dark web (e.g., illicit narcotic transactions; bulk cash trafficking; drug cartel activity; cell phone activity) in accordance with established & validated principles; Design, configure & maintain complex computer hardware for use during evidence acquisition & analysis; Troubleshoot problems to resolve any complex technical issues involving equipment or connectivity between the suspect & forensic equipment (e.g., maintain & upgrade the many components used during a computer forensic analysis); Research & implement tools which image hard drives (e.g., new developments for hardware & software utilized by the ONIC) & verify accuracy of results; Continuously test verification forensic software & hardware to validate functionality; Develop & implement policies & procedures to ensure policies support the newer technology (e.g., address the ever changing issue surrounding the area of computer forensics, develop forensic analysis policies & procedures for the ONIC).

Assist investigators (i.e., Law Enforcement Officials) in their preparation for seizure of computer evidence, field investigations as assigned & conduct interviews with investigators to ascertain facts pertinent to criminal cases (e.g., assist with search warrants & with interviewing of suspects); Provide assistance to federal, state & local law enforcement agencies in the matter involving computer related crime & forensics (e.g., assist law enforcement & government agencies on all levels); Prepare detailed reports of findings for intelligence reports & presentation in criminal case proceedings, assist intelligence analysts & other ONIC staff in developing intelligence products, trends analysis, presentation & other related materials; testify if required & confer with prosecuting attorneys on an ongoing basis; Train investigators & law enforcement officials in specialty areas of computer related crime & forensic techniques; Provide knowledge & assistance when new hardware &/or software packages are deployed; Continuously attend seminars & classes for training in specialized forensic software applications & forensic analysis; Participate in professional networking forums (e.g., has membership in High Technology Crime Investigators Association, the Computer Forensic Investigators Digest & the International Society of Computer Forensic Examiners); Utilize state vehicle to participate in federal, state, county & local law enforcement taskforces & partnerships.

Research & evaluate computer software & hardware (e.g., for upgrades in the ONIC); Initiate & follow-up on purchase orders; Perform other duties as assigned.


 Completion of undergraduate core program in computer information sciences, information systems, computer science or related technology discipline (e.g., systems administration; network security; internet protocol); 160 hours trg. specific to computer forensic science &/or security.

-Or 36 mos. exp. in computer forensic processing or related specialty area (e.g., systems administration; network security; internet protocol).

-Or 12 mos. exp. as Forensic Computer Specialist 1, 67411.

-Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications for Employment noted above.

Major Worker Characteristics
Knowledge of: *Human Relations; *Office Practices & Procedures (ONIC); *Agency Policies & Procedures (ODPS); *Interviewing; Electronic Data Processing (e.g., computer networking, programming & systems & technology; systems administration, network security, internet protocol); Law (State; Federal) (e.g., criminal law). 
Skill in: Word Processing (Microsoft Office Applications); Equipment Operations (e.g., operation & configuration of personal computer systems & peripheral equipment; general office equipment). 
Ability to: Recognize unusual or threatening conditions & take appropriate action; Deal with many variables & determine specific action, resolve technical issues involving many variables & understand somewhat abstract field of study (i.e., forensic analysis); Use algebra; Use proper research methods in gathering data; Gather, collate & classify information about data, people or things; Handle sensitive inquiries from & contacts with other law enforcement agencies & general public; Demonstrate dexterity to move fingers & limbs to easily perform manual functions repeatedly.

(*) Developed after employment. Supplemental Information

  • This position may be filled by a layoff or certification eligibility list.
  • This position will be filled in accordance with the applicable bargaining agreement.
  • Position requires a valid driver’s license to operate state-owned vehicle or must be able to provide own transportation

Background Check Information

  • A BCI and FBI fingerprint check, tax check and background check, including a polygraph examination, will be required on all selected applicants.
  • A comparative analysis and/or drug-test may be a requirement of the hiring process.