Tennessee Highway Patrol – Nashville, TN

Digital Forensic Technician


Education and Experience:
 Education Equivalent to graduation from a standard high school and two (2) years of experience in audio, video, and/or digital technology.

Substitution of Education for Experience: Course work credit received from an accredited college or university may substitute for the required experience on a yearly  basis to a maximum of two years (e.g. 45 quarter hours may substitute for one year of the required experience); 15 semester hours (or 22.5 quarter hours) must be in an area concentrated in Computer Science or Technology. – See more at: https://agency.governmentjobs.com//tennessee/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=2614134#sthash.OT2D4suE.dpuf

 Other Requirements:

1. Be a citizen of the United States or have the ability to legally work in the United States; Have a good moral character, as determined by investigation;
2. Complete a criminal history disclosure form in a manner approved by the appointing authority;
3. Agree to release all records involving their criminal history to the appointing authority;
4. Supply a fingerprint sample in a manner prescribed by the TBI for a fingerprint based criminal history records check;
5. Have no conviction for a felony or have not been discharged under dishonorable, bad conduct, or general other than honorable conditions from any branch of the United States armed forces;
6. Have the ability to obtain and retain any required security clearances;
7. Pass a psychological evaluation administered by a licensed mental health professional that is consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act and that relates to the essential functions of the position;
8. Possess and maintain a valid motor vehicle operator’s license;
9. Upon appointment, successfully complete a prescribed course of instruction as required by the hiring agency or have successfully completed the equivalent of the prescribed course(s).
10. Ability to lift light loads of approximately 50 pounds or less.
11. Pass a vision and hearing examination administered by a licensed physician that is consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act and that relates to the essential functions of the position;

Examination Method: Education and Experience, 100%, for Preferred Service positions. – See more at: https://agency.governmentjobs.com//tennessee/default.cfm?action=viewJob&jobID=2614134#sthash.OT2D4suE.dpuf

 Job Overview:


Under general supervision, receives, analyzes, tracks, and/or redacts video, audio and digital evidence and responds to requests for department records related to administrative, operational, civil and criminal matters within required deadlines established by state law.


 An incumbent in this classification  is responsible for the archiving and distribution of audio, video and digitial media evidence for use in trial and investigations, retrieving surveillance video, as well as entering audio, video, and digital material into a digital evidence database, and scanning legacy photographic formats for still and digital images. The Digital Forensic Technican collects and archives digital media evidence for investigative purposes and testifies to the collected evidence in trial. Proprietary video file formats are also converted to a universally playable format for use in investigations, trial, and public records requests. The Digital Forensic Technician is also responsible for processing requests for law enforcement and criminal justice entities, copying digital evidences to portable storage devices all while maintaining proper evidentiary chain of custody protocols in accordance with Tennessee Public Records Law