Ohio Department of Public Safety, Narcotics Intelligence – Columbus or Seven Hills, Ohio

Forensic Computer Manager


Under direction from the Law Enforcement Project Administrator within the Ohio Narcotics Intelligence Center (ONIC), administer the statewide computer forensics program by managing a highly specialized computer forensic analysis unit; Manage & direct all aspects of investigations &/or criminal offenses occurring on, but not limited to the dark web (e.g., illegal narcotic transactions; cell phone activity; drug trafficking; bulk cash smuggling; drug cartel activity; etc.); Develop, implement & review program plans, policies & procedures (e.g., analysis & dissemination of time-sensitive information; ensure compliance with state & federal requirements (i.e., 28 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR); dark web investigations; computer evidence examination & seizure); review &/or make procedural suggestions received from other law enforcement agencies); Establish priorities & manage the collection, preservation & examination of computer related evidence of criminal offenses (i.e., homicides; burglary; theft; fraud; etc.) in accordance with established & validated forensic principles (e.g., assist investigators with seizure of computer evidence related to criminal activity; maintain & release evidence in accordance with handling procedures; assure security of seized evidence); Write & submit reports, bulletins & technical evaluations to leadership & partners in Ohio’s public safety communities (e.g., coordinate planning activities, provide technical support, maintain partnerships & ensure collaboration & information sharing between state, federal and local emergency management, public safety & homeland security partners); Provide program & policy information &/or presentations to public/private organizations; Provide technical advice to aid Administrator in decision making; Establish priorities & supervise subordinate personnel (e.g., provide developmental opportunities, coach staff to foster development, evaluate performance, approve section staffing levels, recommend discipline).

Attend & coordinate strategy meetings; Brief & provide advice to public officials (e.g., Department of Public Safety Directors, State HSA, EMA Director); Recognize patterns of terrorist, emergency management or criminal operations; Monitor & evaluate the accuracy & reliability of collected information & sources; Review & approve reports from Forensic Computer Specialists; Utilize state vehicle to participate in federal, state, county & local law enforcement taskforces & partnerships.Respond to telephone or written inquires & complaints; Serve on committee & prepare speeches; Respond to the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) during critical incidents; Participate in cross training exercises with homeland security, criminal intelligence & school/government protection entities; Review reports of findings for presentation in criminal case proceedings & testify as required; Assist other ONIC supervisors or manager as needed; Perform other duties as assigned.
**Position also requires the ability to obtain and maintain a Federal Secret level Security Clearance**


 Completion of undergraduate core program in business administration, management or public administration; 36 mos. trg. or 36 mos. exp. in supervisory, administrative &/or managerial position.

-Or completion of undergraduate core program for academic field of study commensurate with program area to be assigned per approved Position Description on File; 36 mos. trg. or 36 mos. exp. in supervisory, administrative, managerial &/or staff position involving planning, research &/or policy/procedure development.

-Or 5 yrs. trg. or 5 yrs. exp. in business administration, management or public administration.

-Or 1 yr. exp. as Program Administrator 2, 63123.

-Or equivalent of Minimum Class Qualifications For Employment noted above.
ASSIGNED PROGRAM AREA: Undergraduate core program for academic field of study commensurate with program area assigned per approved Position Description on file (Computer Forensics). 


Knowledge of: Employee Development; Supervision; Public Relations; * Office Practices & Procedures (ONIC); * Agency Policies & Procedures (ODPS); * Government Structure & Process (28 CFR); Interviewing; Electronic Data Processing (Computer Forensics); Law.

Skill in: Word Processing (Microsoft Office Applications); Equipment Operations (General Office Equipment).

Ability to: Recognize unusual or threatening conditions & take appropriate action; understand practical field of study (Computer Forensics); define problems, collect data, establish facts & draw valid conclusions; maintain accurate records; prepare meaningful, concise & accurate reports; use proper research methods in gathering data; prepare & deliver speeches/presentations; gather collate & classify information about data, people or things; establish friendly atmosphere as supervisor of work unit; handle sensitive inquiries from & contacts with officials, law enforcement agencies & general public.SUPPLEMENTAL INFORMATION

  • This position may be filled by lay-off or certification eligibility list if applicable
  • This position is essential, meaning the duties this job performs are critical to the continued operations of the Ohio Department of Public Safety during a public safety emergency (OAC 123: 1-46-01 & DAS Directive HR-D-11).  Whoever fills this position will be required to report for duty during any public safety emergency.