King’s County District Attorney, New York

Digital Forensic Analyst

Job Description

The Kings County District Attorney’s Office located in the Metrotech area of Brooklyn, New York, has an exciting opportunity to work in the information technology department as a Digital Forensic Analyst.

The Digital Forensic Analyst is a technology generalist who will work in a team-based environment with prosecutors, analyst and law enforcement personnel including city and federal agencies providing case investigation and litigation support, including e-discovery.

The candidate will provide assistance detecting, recover, and analyzing evidence for use in judicial proceedings including forensic analysis of digital device such as mobile and desktop computers, cell phones, smartphones, USB devices, digital cameras, and video recorders. The Digital Forensic Analyst must be able to manage and analyse large-scale data sets to identify key elements of criminal activity.

Digital Forensic Analysts use forensic tools and investigative methods to find specific electronic data, including internet use history, word processing documents, images, and e-mails and other files from computer hard drives, smart phones and other data storage devices, such as zip and flash drives, that have been deleted, damaged or otherwise manipulated. Numerous software applications are also used top review, analyze and present the information recovered.

Under general supervision, with latitude for independent initiative and judgement and decision the prospective candidate will perform the following duties:

  • Assist detectives and other officials analyze data
  • Evaluate its relevance to the case under investigation.
  • Traslates the evidence into a format that can be used for legal purposed (i.e. criminal trials)
  • Testify in court regarding the information recovered

Minimum Requirements

  • High school graduation or equivalent and three years of experience in community work or community centered activities in an area related to duties above or
  • Education and/or experience which is equivalent to above

Preferred Skills

Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, information Systems or Related Field.

Computer Forensic training.

Technical Reporting/Writing.

Strong application skills in all desktop Office productivity programs: Word, Excel,. Access, Outlook.

Relational Database experience with products such as MySQL, SQL, etc.

Strong presentation skills.

Quick Learner.

Experience in programming or scripting language(s).

Experience conducting forensic examinations.

Previous experience in computer science in a development or engineering capacity.

One or more related certifications such as the EnCE, CFCE, CCE, or CISSP.

EnCase, UFED Analyzer, Trial Director.