City of Columbia, Missouri

Digital Forensic Investigator

Job Description Summary

Provide support to CID personnel via investigative follow-up activities, forensic analysis of cell phones, computer equipment, and digital media. Conducts database research and provides technical support to department. Provides exceptional customer service through communication with crime victims, businesses, and citizens.

Essential Job Functions

•Recover and examine data from cell phones, computers and other digital media sources. Analyze the data recovered and provide evidentiary reports to case detectives.

•Research internal and external databases to assist investigations.

•Search, navigate, and/or monitor social media for investigative purposes.

•Locate and secure video evidence from crime scenes.

•Operate digital film, video and other camera and/or recording equipment used to properly document a crime scene.

•Maintain chain of custody for evidence in accordance to best practices and in compliance with all state, federal, and local regulations.

•Document activities in a records management system resulting in collection, retention and court testimony of evidence related to crimes occurring in Columbia.

•Prepare detailed records, affidavits, reports and accompanying evidence for court presentation and crime scene reconstruction.

Ancillary Job Functions

•Serve as recognized court expert in the presentation and verification of collected evidence.

•Perform other related duties as assigned.

Education and Experience – An equivalent combination of education, training and experience will be considered

•Bachelor’s degree in Forensic Evidence, Criminal Justice, Information Technology or related field required.

•One-year experience in information technology or criminal investigation preferred.

•Must be able to undergo training in the areas of cell phone data analysis and computer forensics.

•Must possess and maintain a valid driver’s license.

•Must pass extensive background investigation; no serious criminal record (determined by nature of violation).

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities which may be representative, but not all-inclusive of those commonly associated with this position

•Knowledge of social media platforms, audio and video recording devices, cameras, fingerprint kits, computer programs and other equipment used in gathering evidence at a crime scene.

•Knowledge of proper evidence handling procedures.

•Knowledge of applicable state, federal, and local laws as they relate to investigations.

•Knowledge of office equipment, relevant software, computers, tablets, and phones.

•Keen attention to detail in order to analyze and collect appropriate evidence.

•Effective written and oral communication as well as interpersonal skills to communicate crime scene reports for use in courtroom testimony and in-house reports.

•Ability to effectively organize and prioritize work as well as concentrate on multiple tasks simultaneously.

•Ability to render credible testimony.

•Ability to use good judgment and think quickly and rationally in difficult or stressful situations.